5 Common Hunting Mistakes

Hunting is a very rewarding pass time, but sometimes we make mistakes that can cost us. Losing a prize deer or having an uneventful hunt can really drain the enthusiasm for hunting. Here’s 5 common hunting mistakes that could be impacting your hunt.

  1. Lack of Practice

Not practicing enough is the main mistake that happens with hunting. If you can’t  consistently hit a target with your preferred hunting tool, getting the perfect opportunity won’t matter, because you’ll have a higher chance to miss.

So if you hunt with a firearm go to the range and practice hitting targets at the ranges you expect to hunt in, especially shooting clays if you are hunting duck.  If you prefer to use a bow or crossbow, you should regularly take time to practice aiming and shooting your bow and broadhead selection since it can vary from broadhead to broadhead.

  1. Washing and Storing Hunting Clothes Wrong

Another overlooked mistake that could cost you is how you wash and store your hunting gear. Animals have a very strong sense of smell and can see in the Ultra Violet (UV) spectrum. This means if your clothes smell more like your home or other “human” smells, the prey will be able to smell you before they see you.

If you use fabric brighteners on your hunting clothing you will be easily spotted. This is because you will be very bright in the UV spectrum to the point that you might as well glow in the woods.

To avoid these problems, wash your hunting gear separately and avoid fabric softener and brighteners. This can be done easily by buying hunting specific/natural detergents or using alternatives like baking soda. Then letting the clothing air dry outside and storing them by themselves in a sealed container.

  1. Checking Trail Cams Too Often

Trail cams are a great tool to see how active the game is in the area. But if you check the area too often you can cause the game to avoid the area because your scent begins to spread.

You’ll have to resist the urge to go and check the cams or get a cellular trail camera so you can monitor it from a safe distance.

  1. Hunting at the Wrong Times in the Wrong Conditions

Depending on when you decide to go out during the season, the animals may not be where you expect them. This is especially true for buck deer during the rut. They will change their foraging patterns in order to match the weather and mating season.

Similarly, you might come out in the wrong conditions. Too much wind with the wrong approach will carry your scent and spook animals in the area. Other times, the weather conditions might limit or negate your newer hunting tools like thermals, night vision, and trail cameras.

Sometimes you’ll have to devote the whole day and not just dusk and dawn to hunt.

  1. Not Paying Attention

Watching the same area can be boring. Not paying attention while on the move or in the blind can result in a missed tag. Try to stay alert when you are out. Just because nothing is happening right now doesn’t mean that your prey or dangerous game won’t enter your area while you are not paying attention.

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