What are the advantages of LPVOs

Low-Powered Variable Optics or LPVOs have been around for a long time, but they have recently become very popular. This is because of the perceived advantages that an LVPO provides. But what are those advantages?

LPVO Advantages

LPVOs are the middle ground among red dot sights, prism optics, and high powered variable rifle scopes. Because of this they tend to be a compromise in one way or another. This allows them to be good at many different things, but they tend to be more specialized in certain features.

The primary advantages an LPVO has are its multi-use ability, its power options, its variable magnification, and its use with astigmatism

Multi-use Optics

Since an LPVO has a 1x or near 1x magnification it allows for easier use at close ranges. On 1x a quality LPVO will have similar performance to a red dot sight. Additionally, an LPVO can be used at longer ranges.

This means you can buy one optic to fit most of your needs or wants. Using one optic can save on money and makes it easier to streamline your rifle. The number of options available means that there is an LPVO with the reticle, magnification, and power option you want.

Powered and Unpowered Use

Many rifle scopes today offer a battery powered option. This is great for shooting in low-light situations like early morning, dusk, or night. However, LPVOs currently drain batteries quickly. There are options that use ambient light to power the reticle in addition to etched reticles that do not need to be powered in order to work.

This allows you to spend less on batteries or ration when you do use the powered option for your LPVO. 

Variable Magnification

LPVOs, like their name suggests, can vary the magnification they provide. This means the optic ranges from 1x to a much greater magnification, usually 4x, 6x, 8x, and 10x options. What this allows you to do is scan an area with a lower magnification and then increase the magnification once something of interest appears.

This variable magnification means you can use it in a wide variety of environments, whether close-in brush settings to wider open fields. Magnification can also help with better shot placement and target identification.

The better you see your target, the better shot placement you are going to have. What might be a hard target at 1x will be easier at 4x or more. This does depend on the quality of the scope and distances you are shooting, but as long as the glass is clear, you will have a better time hitting the target at distance.

Better Solution for Astigmatism

Another advantage that an LPVO has is dealing with astigmatism. While red dots are great 1x or less optics, they can be a problem for individuals with astigmatism. This means the dot doesn’t look like a dot, and makes it harder to use, depending on the astigmatism.

Since most LPVOs feature an etched reticle or other physical method of aiming, astigmatism does not affect their 1x magnification. This is great for those who might have considered a red dot and magnifier as their primary close-to-medium range option, but has an astigmatism. 

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